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Where is the lead exposure risk in your community?

14 Dec


Lead pipes in Pittsburgh are everywhere, and the people responsible for managing our water have earned a vote of no confidence from shenanigans as minor as a bumbling of our meter readings to majorly selling out to a private multi-national who illegally poisoned us in order to cut costs.

Vox created a map showing lead exposure risk across the nation. Above is a screenshot of Allegheny County.

Click on the original map for details.


Into and out of Pittsburgh – Early Lincoln Highway Map

4 Dec


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Another early map of the Lincoln Highway coming into and out of Pittsburgh.

Thanks, All Along the Lincoln Highway.

How bad are the bridges in the City of Bridges?

13 Oct

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Transportation for America has a nifty tool so that you can figure out if you want to use a bridge or not.  Yikes.

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