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Visualize Pollution with AirVisual

30 Jan


You can view a real-time visualization of air pollution across the globe. This map shows an animated visualization of wind patterns and Air Quality Index (an index of combined ozone, PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide).

As most of our wind comes from the west, you can see exactly how Ohio is mucking up our air, as pollution knows no state borders.

Be sure to click to see the mesmerizing map in action.


Commuter flows for workers who live in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

1 Dec

working not-working

This is a super well done map, but you have to click the link to see it in full effect.

This person used the American Community Survey Data to track where the approximately 3,000 Allegheny County workers who travel between 20 and 100 miles for work end up.

Driving 100 miles per day for work seems like hell.

Head over to the original page to see the commute in action.


Pittsburgh Light-rail Map – Super Mario 3 Style

13 Jun

Click to make BIG

This is amazing. You can purchase a poster as well.

See the original on Dave’s Geeky Ideas.

The incredible expanding Pittsburgh

13 Oct

There’s a lot of neighborhoods here. It all started with the fort that is now downtown. This is how we grew.

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