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1954, Residential Neighborhood Development for area north of North Ave, North Side

10 Jan

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The University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Social and Urban Research just published these fascinating maps of a 1954 plan to demolish basically every Central Northside home, between Allegheny General Hospital and Birghton Ave, and replace them with large high rise apartments. “If completed, virtually all of the housing stock of the Central Northside would have been replaced by nearly five thousand individual housing units projected to be part of just 16 megalithic residential structures.”

You can almost imagine yourself wandering around the soulless plazas surrounded by a wall of modernist high rises.

Go over to Pitt’s site to see the individual maps in high resolution.


Pittsburgh Marathon Bike Spectator Map, 2013

1 May


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The Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon in partnership with Bike Pittsburgh has created the first ever Bike Spectator Map designed especially for bicyclists to enjoy safe trail and road routes to follow the runners along the course including special “bike cheer zones” along the way. The course route is safe for bikers of all abilities. Signage will be clearly displayed along the course including street chalk for cyclists to follow to ensure that no bicycles cross the race course, as NO BICYCLES ARE PERMITTED ON THE MARATHON COURSE.

The Bike Spectator Map will be distributed at the GNC Live Well Pittsburgh Health and Fitness Expo May 3-4 and can be downloaded online.  Riders will be able to follow their friends and family to 5 bicycle cheer zones each highlighting a different area of the Pittsburgh Marathon and Half Marathon courses.

Awesome Tattoo

14 Feb


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Done by Nathan Mould of Artisan Tattoo on Penn Ave in Garfield. Awesome, although it’s kinda unusable (at least by the owner) on the back of a shoulder.

Boggs and Buhl Dry Goods, Pittsburgh Exposition, Allegheny City 1894

18 Dec

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This great “map shows where the store is.  You can get here from the Exposition by the WhiteCarLine, in about five minutes. Fare Five Cents.”

The store was on Federal St in Allegheny City, now the Northside.

The text is worth reading, here’s a teaser:

This isn’t the biggest store in the world, but it sells a lot – Millions of Dollars worth – of Dry Goods annually, sells more goods per thousand of population over its counters than any other store in this country…Will you come and investigate? You’re welcome.

The above advertisement was the back cover from a book called Annual Exposition 1894, by the Western Pennsylvania Exposition Society.

Here’s a description of the Pittsburgh Exposition from the book:

Midnight bells tolled the hour that marked the passing out of sight and into history of the first effort made to embody in compact form the fruits of the industry of Pittsburg.

Here’s the fantastic cover:

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There are a lot of other great images of Pittsburgh’s main attractions and architectural wonders as well as advertisements of local businesses in this gem.

Thanks again Historic Pittsburgh site.

A subway we never had 1917

18 Dec

How different the city would have been had they actually built a subway. These were from a 1931 book, found on the amazing Historic Pittsburgh site. The title of the book is called City of Pittsburgh and its horses: facts and figures relative to every department using horses, published by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Horses. I didn’t get a chance to dig into this book to fully understand what it actually has to do with horses, but these maps were taken from a 1917 report to the Mayor and City Council  that assessed, among other transportation related problems, a plan to put in a subway.  It’s pretty fascinating, especially for the transportation nerds out there.

One can now only dream.

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New bike lanes, Northside

2 Dec

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Looks like the Northside will see some new bike lanes.

More info on BikePGH’s website

North Shore Trail Detour Nov-Dec 2011

18 Nov

There’s a detour on the North Shore Trail into December 2011.

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