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1897: Press Popular Bicycle Route No. 15 – A Short Jaunt

14 Dec

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During the first bike boom of the 1890s, the Pittsburg(h) Press produced a weekly Sunday series of popular bike routes around Pittsburgh. All are accompanied by a map, some images, and a description that provides a delightful snapshot into the pre-auto era Pittsburgh.

For instance, this particular one, about a “Short Jaunt” around Wilkinsburg, Swissvale and Edgewood includes this ditty:

“There are few short runs about the two cities that appeal very strongly to wheelmen, fewer that are looked upon with any great degree of pleasure by the fair sex, but there are some really charming runs. Probably one of the most delightful jaunts and one that is most popular with the Pittsburg riders of both sex is out to “Mrs. Wagner’s place,” as it used to be known. It is called the Palmer house now, or the Cyclers’ Resort, and is situated near the station at Swissvale, about eight miles from Pittsburg. There are large elegant grounds about the house and every evening cyclists can be seen lounging on the benches under the big trees after they have done justice to a chicken and waffle supper. It is a delightful place in the cool of the evening, almost charming.”


Popular Bicycle Route No. 10- Pittsburg to Butler and Harmony, 1897

14 Dec

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Another in the “Popular Bicycle Route” series that the Pittsburg Press ran during the height of the first bike boom.

Bridges of Pittsburgh – never the same bridge twice

9 Nov

This is a fun CMU affiliated project that attempts to “discover how many of Pittsburgh’s 446 bridges can be traversed without crossing the same bridge twice.”

From the organizers:

In 1736, mathematician Leonard Euler proved it was impossible to walk through the German city of Königsberg crossing each of the city’s seven bridges exactly once. His work, famously dubbed the “Bridges of Königsberg” problem, laid the foundation for graph theory and network analysis, and foreshadowed the invention of topology. We intend to create an expanded, more complex version of this famous study using Pittsburgh’s 446 bridges (Regan 2006).

Check it out here.

The Major Street System, 1941 Master Plan

11 Oct

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From Pittsburgh City Archives, a good twitter follow.

U.S. Aviation and Highway Noise Map

31 Aug

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Pretty fascinating map of a different kind of pollution: noise. This shows the relative decibels surrounding airports and highways. Yellow to red to blue gets louder and louder.

See the whole map of the entire United States here.

Basically, only Maine looks cool.

Port Authority System Wide Map, Summer 2018

31 Aug


Port Authority releases a system wide map.

View it here.

I really got nothing more to say, other than finally.

Also coming soon: real time data, that may or may not be better than Transit App.

1897: Press Popular Bicycle Route no. 8 – Pleasant Century Run

30 Aug

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During the bike boom of the late 1800s, the Pittsburgh Press apparently published some recommended bicycle routes and maps to get people riding these new velocipedes. This one is a century ride from Pittsburgh to New Castle along the Ohio River.

Looking forward tracking down the other “Popular Bicycle Routes” of the 1800s.

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