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Boggs and Buhl Dry Goods, Pittsburgh Exposition, Allegheny City 1894

18 Dec

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This great “map shows where the store is.  You can get here from the Exposition by the WhiteCarLine, in about five minutes. Fare Five Cents.”

The store was on Federal St in Allegheny City, now the Northside.

The text is worth reading, here’s a teaser:

This isn’t the biggest store in the world, but it sells a lot – Millions of Dollars worth – of Dry Goods annually, sells more goods per thousand of population over its counters than any other store in this country…Will you come and investigate? You’re welcome.

The above advertisement was the back cover from a book called Annual Exposition 1894, by the Western Pennsylvania Exposition Society.

Here’s a description of the Pittsburgh Exposition from the book:

Midnight bells tolled the hour that marked the passing out of sight and into history of the first effort made to embody in compact form the fruits of the industry of Pittsburg.

Here’s the fantastic cover:

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There are a lot of other great images of Pittsburgh’s main attractions and architectural wonders as well as advertisements of local businesses in this gem.

Thanks again Historic Pittsburgh site.


Beautiful 1876 map of Pittsburgh townships

13 Oct

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