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Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen Hand Drawn Map

1 Feb

A little late on this. But this is the 2017 Dirty Dozen – a bicycle race up the 13 steepest hills in Pittsburgh. For over 30 years, Danny Chew has been running this iconic event. If you don’t know Danny, please take a minute and google him and his story of being a two time Race Across America winner and his lifetime goal of riding a million miles. This goal was recently thwarted after a crash left him without the use of his legs. But, he is not giving up and is will be attempting to accomplish this feat with a hand cycle.


WPRDC’s Allegheny County Crash Data 2014

2 Nov


Just a different, really clean view of the recently released Allegheny County Crash Data, created by WPRDC. This is the 2014 numbers only, but you can click between “All,” “Bicycles,” “Pedestrians,” and the heat map.

Find out more.


Allegheny County Bicycle Crash Data, 2010-2015

29 Sep


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The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) released all of Allegheny County’s Crash Data going back to 2004.

The idea is that data nerds can play with the data and see what they find.

Above is a crash map of every bicycle crash in the dataset.

Click here to use the interactive site.

Strava Global Heat Map

26 Mar


This map is pretty amazing. Strava, an app for bicyclists and runners that tracks your workout, has their global data in the form of a heat map on their site. It’s beautiful to look at, as well as explore where people are riding and running (or not). Go anywhere on earth and find the best cycling routes.

Here’s Pittsburgh

Safety on Two Wheels, 2006-2012

30 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.39.59 PM

Mapping Pittsburgh’s bike accidents, 2006-2012

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s interactive map showing where all of the reported bicycle crashes took place.



Pittsburgh Bike Map by Bicycle Times

8 Oct

Originally published in Bicycle Times, a locally produced, internationally known magazine about cycling.

You can purchase a print, even framed, or on canvas on the artist’s website


Pittsburgh Marathon Bike Spectator Map, 2013

1 May


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The Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon in partnership with Bike Pittsburgh has created the first ever Bike Spectator Map designed especially for bicyclists to enjoy safe trail and road routes to follow the runners along the course including special “bike cheer zones” along the way. The course route is safe for bikers of all abilities. Signage will be clearly displayed along the course including street chalk for cyclists to follow to ensure that no bicycles cross the race course, as NO BICYCLES ARE PERMITTED ON THE MARATHON COURSE.

The Bike Spectator Map will be distributed at the GNC Live Well Pittsburgh Health and Fitness Expo May 3-4 and can be downloaded online.  Riders will be able to follow their friends and family to 5 bicycle cheer zones each highlighting a different area of the Pittsburgh Marathon and Half Marathon courses.

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