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Storytelling by map: 2018 Mid-term elections in Allegheny County

9 Nov

This is an amazing and fun way to use maps to tell the story of the 2018 mid-term elections and the voting profile in Allegheny County. It also more effectively demonstrated the case for the rejected Children’s Fund than the ballot initiative organizers were able to make.

Check it out here.

By Ann Wright.


Median Home Prices by Ward for the year ending July 30, 2018

18 Oct

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a great interactive article going over some stats related to the rising cost buying a home in Pittsburgh.

Related: An article in Public Source explaining how Exclusionary Zoning could be a tool to help keep Pittsburgh affordable.

Interactive Craft Breweries and Wineries Map

10 Oct

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Published a map of Western Pennsylvania craft breweries and wineries.

You can see the original here and click around: https://newsinteractive.post-gazette.com/drink-map/

Western PA

Allegheny County

City of Pittsburgh

Relative probability that someone in any U.S. county has a Facebook friendship link to Allegheny County, Pa.

20 Sep

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Pretty fascinating article in the New York Times about how our facebook social networks are distributed. Turns out state lines do seem to matter, unless you live in say Manhattan or DC.

You can go to the map and click on any county in the US and see the relative likelihood that your county is connected to any other county. The darker the color, the greater the likelihood.

Below are Allegheny County’s stats. Not at all shocking, but I was hoping to see a bit more on the Steeler Nation diaspora. Although we are pretty heavy in Florida.

Share of friends who live within …

50 miles: 62%, 100 miles: 65%, 500 miles: 88%

1. Washington County, Pa.
2. Westmoreland County, Pa.
3. Beaver County, Pa.
4. Butler County, Pa.
5. Lawrence County, Pa.
6. Indiana County, Pa.
7. Fayette County, Pa.
8. Clarion County, Pa.
9. Hancock County, W.Va.
10. Armstrong County, Pa.
11. Greene County, Pa.
12. Centre County, Pa.

Pipeline Map, Fractracker

12 Sep

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As everyone knows, there was a pipeline explosion in Beaver County over the weekend, a mere 30 miles from Pittsburgh. The pipeline was one week old

Thanks to Fractracker, we have a map of all of the pipelines in the state of Pennsylvania.

You can click around the map and see things such as who owns and operates a particular line, natural gas spills and incidents, where the pipelines cross waterways and wetlands, among other useful info.

According to the site, “pipeline data is published from a variety of public agencies, although almost none of it is really accessible or accurate.” “While they do not publish gas pipelines, they do have a 2012 dataset of natural gas liquid routes, which is a significant portion of the hazardous liquid inventory. From an analytical point of view, however, this dataset is essentially worthless. Many of these pipelines are so generalized that they don’t make a single bend for multiple counties, and the actual location of the routes can be miles from where the data are represented. Communities cannot use this as a tool to better understand how pipelines interact with places that are important to them, like schools, hospitals, and residential neighborhoods.

Photos of the Beaver County explosion:


Road orientation mapping tool

18 Jul

Everyone knows that Pittsburgh’s roads go every which way. Well now there’s a new tool to let you pick any place on a map, and it will generate a road orientation image that visualizes how twisted your streets are.

Pittsburgh’s always comes out like a shining sun.

Whereas, for comparison, here’s a shot of Indianapolis, Indiana, a city with a near perfect street grid.


You can play around with this tool here.

Where was Pittsburgh located in Pangea?

18 Jul

Pittsburgh City-County Building’s location in Pangea, 240 Million years ago. Click to make big

There’s a cool website that allows you to plug in any address and see where it was located on ancient earth and see what was going on in the atmosphere and life at that moment. For instance, 240 million years ago, or Pangea, the City-County Building was located on a mountain range, during a time when oxygen levels were low due to extinction of land plants, but fortunately some birds, mammals and dinosaurs survived.

Here is the City-County Building 300 million years ago, when Pittsburgh was some ocean front property.

The website allows you to go back to 750 million years ago.

Check it out here, and find out more about the project on this article.

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