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Total Lifetime Cancer Risk from all hazardous air pollutants (HAPs)

26 Mar


Yeesh…People living in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County have twice the risk of developing cancer within their lifetimes than those who live in other areas of Pennsylvania, due to the unique mixture of hazardous pollutants in the air they breathe


CMU’s Pollution Map of Allegheny County

11 Feb


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Pittsburgh is 6th worst in terms of air pollution, according to a 2014 report from the American Lung Association.

Using mobile laboratories, called the “Breathmobiles,”Albert Presto of Carnegie Mellon University drove throughout Allegheny County collecting pollution data.

Not surprisingly, places where there’s lots of cars also exhibit high pollution.

He will present these maps in a public forum at 7pm tonight in the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, 605 Morewood Ave., Shadyside.

Editor’s note: Driving to this event will literally make Pittsburgh’s air worse.

GASP’s Air Quality Map

18 Jan


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The regions oldest environmental organization, the Group Against Smog and Pollution or GASP, recently unveiled their new interactive map that visualizes where the best and worst fine particulate air quality is located. You can toggle between days of the week, time, and season to help you make better choices on where you may want to recreate or exercise.

gaspvolunteerThe data itself was collected by volunteers who strapped air quality monitors to the front of their bikes and rode around, like the photo to the right.  The collections were geolocated and uploaded to form the initial points. They are in need of more data, and are looking for volunteers to help.

Check out the map, and please volunteer.

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