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2010 Census Tracts

6 Dec

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The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) re-released a pretty census tract map of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Bookmark this one.



Repost of the fab US Census Explorer – Commute Edition

1 Mar

This damn site is just so fine, that I had to post it again. It’s fun to imagine the Mon linking up to the Al over and over for infinity.

US Census Explorer Map

6 Jan

foreign born copy

Foreign Born Residents in Pittsburgh. The darker the orange, the higher percentage. Click to make BIG

Map geeks beware!

This is a new mapping feature from the US Census that helps to visualize some of the data from their American Community Survey.


You can make Pittsburgh pretty in polka dots

Not only is the info pretty fascinating, the design of the interactive mapping feature is fabulous.  You can easily toggle between years, datasets, and geography, while customizing the coloration and visualization.

You can see data visualized for population, 65 and older, education, working, owner occupied, immigration, and income. Particularly surprising in Pittsburgh is the 22 year difference (1990-2012) in “Foreign Born” residents.

Do not miss the US Census Explorer.

Pittsburgh population grows by 152 people and it makes the news

23 May


152 people.


You can read the story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Census Dotmap: A dot for every person in the United States

14 Feb
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Click to make BIG

This is absolutely, incredibly beautiful. I can spend hours digging into this.

From the creator: “a map of every person counted by the 2010 US, 2011 Canadian, and 2010 Mexican censuses. The map has 454,064,098 dots – one for each person.”

Here’s an article link to the background, and a direct link to the actual map.

Dig in and explore North America.

Thank you.

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