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1925, Inter-District Traffic Circuit banning vehicles from Downtown

26 Mar

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Via the Pittsburgh City Archives twitter account.

This was a proposed downtown traffic circuit from 1925.

The plan called for trolleys to be underground, bus and taxi stations around the perimeter of the circuit, and no vehicles inside the business district. (From a “Crosstown Thorofare” Preliminary Design Report, 1927).

Ironically, this is the direction that many cities, especially in Europe, are heading.


Where is the lead exposure risk in your community?

14 Dec


Lead pipes in Pittsburgh are everywhere, and the people responsible for managing our water have earned a vote of no confidence from shenanigans as minor as a bumbling of our meter readings to majorly selling out to a private multi-national who illegally poisoned us in order to cut costs.

Vox created a map showing lead exposure risk across the nation. Above is a screenshot of Allegheny County.

Click on the original map for details.

Pittsburgh’s Diversity Index, 2016

11 Oct


Public Source recently published an article based off of Pittsburgh’s diversity index, or the chances that if you pick two random people from a neighborhood, that they would be of a different racial background.

Pittsburgh’s most diverse neighborhoods include, Marshall-Shadeland, Friendship, and Sheraden, while the least diverse include Bon Air, Regent Square, and Duquesne Heights.

Head over to Public Source for the rundown, as well as interviews with residents.

Allegheny County Bicycle Crash Data, 2010-2015

29 Sep


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The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) released all of Allegheny County’s Crash Data going back to 2004.

The idea is that data nerds can play with the data and see what they find.

Above is a crash map of every bicycle crash in the dataset.

Click here to use the interactive site.

Someone overlaid a new map of Pittsburgh on top of a really old map of Pittsburgh

24 Sep


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…And the results are dazzling.

Original link.

Pittsburgh population grows by 152 people and it makes the news

23 May


152 people.


You can read the story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Mural map of the Northside

13 Oct

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More maps should be painted on walls. Then maybe you won’t get lost here.

It’s on Jacksonia St. This is how awesome it looks like on Google Street view.

Also, while you’re there, be sure to check out the best Google Street view on the internet on Sampsonia Way.

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