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Someone overlaid a new map of Pittsburgh on top of a really old map of Pittsburgh

24 Sep


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…And the results are dazzling.

Original link.


Retrographer: Mapping Pittsburgh’s Photographic History

25 Mar


This amazing website has been out for some time, and I keep forgetting to post about it.

Complete with a slider, the interactive map literally allows you to take a stroll through time and see how much Pittsburgh has changed…or didn’t.

The best part is, the site looks to the collective knowledge to help identify old photos and locate them over a google map, so you can compare the modern street view to the old image.


Over 5,000 images have been mapped so far, with plenty more that need your help locating the site.

Say goodbye to your evening exploring this gem.

Explore the map here: retrographer.org

Pittsburgh Streetcar Map #3

13 Oct

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Pittsburgh Railways Trackmap that the PIttsburgh Electric Railway Club published in the early 1960’s. How sad. Found on Flickr user davidwilson1949’s photostream.  There’s also a great set of vintage Pittsburgh transit photos.

Vintage Schenley Park Map

13 Oct

Here’s a pretty map of a pretty park from a long time ago. City Planning made this one. Click map to make bigger.

You can purchase a print of the map from Carol Skinger, the artist who restored it, here.

Be sure to check out the rest of her work, as well as some more info on this map.

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