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Port Authority System Wide Map, Summer 2018

31 Aug


Port Authority releases a system wide map.

View it here.

I really got nothing more to say, other than finally.

Also coming soon: real time data, that may or may not be better than Transit App.


Trolley lines that survived to the end of 1957

28 Aug

Someone made a Google Map of every trolley line in the US that survived to the end of 1957.

Here’s a screencap of Pittsburgh.

In 1956, the Pa. General Assembly consolidated the companies by creating the Port Authority of Allegheny County, which transitioned from streetcars to buses, mainly to save money in operations and maintenance, per WESA.

See the full map here.

Once there, you can click on a line for more info and abandonment dates.

Then you can cry.

Port Authority Bus Location Map

26 Nov

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.04.07 AM

This is so awesome and so overdue. Add a route, see where the bus is. Perfect for winter. Also, you there is an arrival time estimator. Riding the bus just got more convenient.


Real time bus tracking is here: pitlivebus.com

16 Oct


This is quite mesmerizing watching the buses slowly squirm across the screen like a plate of maggots. And would make a nice screensaver.

One step closer to convenience.


Pittsburgh Light-rail Map – Super Mario 3 Style

13 Jun

Click to make BIG

This is amazing. You can purchase a poster as well.

See the original on Dave’s Geeky Ideas.

County Wide Zone Fare System

31 Mar

Click to make BIG

I really like the look of this map

Complete Port Authority System Map

19 Oct

Click on the map to see a huge pdf

The map that every transit user had, or at least could look in bus shelters and stations, wasn’t made by the Port Authority. Rather, the map was made by a transit enthusiast (read: expert) who took his own time to create this resource.

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