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Pittsburgh Marathon Bike Spectator Map, 2013

1 May


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The Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon in partnership with Bike Pittsburgh has created the first ever Bike Spectator Map designed especially for bicyclists to enjoy safe trail and road routes to follow the runners along the course including special “bike cheer zones” along the way. The course route is safe for bikers of all abilities. Signage will be clearly displayed along the course including street chalk for cyclists to follow to ensure that no bicycles cross the race course, as NO BICYCLES ARE PERMITTED ON THE MARATHON COURSE.

The Bike Spectator Map will be distributed at the GNC Live Well Pittsburgh Health and Fitness Expo May 3-4 and can be downloaded online.  Riders will be able to follow their friends and family to 5 bicycle cheer zones each highlighting a different area of the Pittsburgh Marathon and Half Marathon courses.


Awesome Tattoo

14 Feb


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Done by Nathan Mould of Artisan Tattoo on Penn Ave in Garfield. Awesome, although it’s kinda unusable (at least by the owner) on the back of a shoulder.

South Side Congestion Zone Proposal 2007

5 Jan

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From the 2007 archives of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was an interesting proposal from some CMU students to create a South Side Congestion zone. Basically if a car enters the zone, it gets charged a toll, so people have the opportunity to park and then take a light rail into the South Side, along what looks like Josephine St.  In a City that can’t even keep cars off the sidewalks…eh good luck with that one.

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