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Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Complaint Map, 2017

2 Feb


The Public Herald produced an enlightening piece about how the number of complaints has skyrocketed since the Pennsylvania fracking boom, and how the DEP bungles looking into these complaints and doesn’t take them seriously.

The article is worth reading, to get a sense of how the state dismisses seemingly legitimate citizen concern in order to protect their corporate overlords.

This video sums up the article if you feel it’s TLDR.

Here’s a map of the complaints in Pennsylvania for context.



Fast Food vs Farmers’ Markets

30 Jan


Someone mapped all of the top ten fast food restaurants across the country. Above is our little corner of the world.

Below, is a map of where all of the Farmers’ Markets are located, in the same area.


Be sure to check out the original interactive map.

Visualize Pollution with AirVisual

30 Jan


You can view a real-time visualization of air pollution across the globe. This map shows an animated visualization of wind patterns and Air Quality Index (an index of combined ozone, PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide).

As most of our wind comes from the west, you can see exactly how Ohio is mucking up our air, as pollution knows no state borders.

Be sure to click to see the mesmerizing map in action.

Where is the lead exposure risk in your community?

14 Dec


Lead pipes in Pittsburgh are everywhere, and the people responsible for managing our water have earned a vote of no confidence from shenanigans as minor as a bumbling of our meter readings to majorly selling out to a private multi-national who illegally poisoned us in order to cut costs.

Vox created a map showing lead exposure risk across the nation. Above is a screenshot of Allegheny County.

Click on the original map for details.

Housing Plus Transportation costs, percentage of income

1 Dec


Affordable housing is not affordable if you need to own a car. That’s why it’s important to factor in your transportation costs to determine the affordability of where you live.

On average, Pittsburghers spend about 23% of their income on housing, and about 19% on transportation.

Lucky for us, this map exists to show you what percentage of income a typical household in a given area spends on housing + transportation.

See original.

Pittsburgh “PieroGIS” Map

1 Dec


Pierogies are an amazing food that people in Pittsburgh and Poland love to eat. Here’s an interactive map to show you where to eat them. And they want your submissions.

See original.

Red Light Running Fatality Map, 2004-2013

1 Dec


Red light running kills people. Red light cameras can save lives. Here’s a map of every red light running fatality for a ten year span, put together by a red light camera industry group.

Check out the original.

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