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Pittsburgh Commuter Rail Long Gone, 1942

5 Apr

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Another depressing map about things that we used to have, that leaders in all of their wisdom drove into the ground, and now we wish we had again.

South Side resident Aaron Reinard created a map that plots the old commuter rail schedules onto a Google map to show how extensive our train lines once were, color coded with all 245 stations. Schedules are from the June 1942 “Official Guide Of The Railways.”

According to Reinard, service was abandoned in 1964, making it the largest commuter rail service in the country to be completely discontinued.


Railroad Traffic Pattern, Pittsburgh, 1959/60

30 Oct


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Thanks Pennsylvania Railroad homepage for this great map.

Always appreciate a map that allows one to see Pittsburgh differently. This time, it’s as a cock and balls.

Population of Pittsburgh, 1894

15 Jan

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Another great find from the mine that is the Historic Pittsburgh site. Towns and Cities within 125 miles and railroad connections.

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