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Amazing 30-year Timelapse of Satellite Photos

10 May


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Google, Carnegie Mellon, Time, and NASA just made a map geek’s wet dream come true.  They created a map where you can watch an animation of a 30 year time lapse – anywhere on earth.  They highlight some really dramatic scenes like the growth of Dubai, the melting glaciers, mountaintop removal sites, and the loss of rainforest. You can watch as Las Vegas’ sprawl devours the land and sucks a lake dry.

But, we have our own fairly interesting stories being told on this map, as our city changed significantly over the last 30 years. For instance, you can watch I-279N sprout out of the city, grow north, then blossom into the norther burbs.  You can also see Homestead go from steel mills, to brownfields, to sprawling shopping mall.  It’s quite fascinating, however scary it is.

There’s plenty of fun stuff to waste time looking at.

Say goodbye to your evening here: world.time.com/timelapse


Land Consumed: Pittsburgh Sprawl 1950-2012

15 Jan

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The Urbanophile blog has an interesting entry about sprawl in the Pittsburgh region.  The number of people have remained the same, just spread out over a larger area.  Be sure to read the comments.

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