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Strava Global Heat Map

26 Mar


This map is pretty amazing. Strava, an app for bicyclists and runners that tracks your workout, has their global data in the form of a heat map on their site. It’s beautiful to look at, as well as explore where people are riding and running (or not). Go anywhere on earth and find the best cycling routes.

Here’s Pittsburgh


Pac Tom Project

22 Apr

This is pretty mindblowing.  This guy, Tom, is trying to run every street (1031 miles) in the City of Pittsburgh and has logged the progress.

From the site:

Hi! Pac Tom is my project to run the length of every street in Pittsburgh. Check out the rules. It’s called Pac Tom because it’s like a very slow version of Pacman without the ghosts or power pills, and my name is Tom.

The above beautiful map is particularly interesting.

It shows the shortest route from Tom’s house from any place he’s been. The colors indicate the direction that he should be running on that segment to decrease the distance to his home. Green means East, red means North, violet means West, cyan means South.

The site is amusing and full of other graphs, maps, etc. And you can follow Tom’s project.

Click here to explore the genius that is Pac Tom

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