Colonial survey of the land south of Coal Hill (Mount Washington), 1769

30 Jan
This map traces the path of Saw Mill Run creek from the Monongahela River to a point near present-day Whited Street. Click to make BIG.

Found this on a cute site dedicated to the history of Brookline.

In 1769, John Penn ordered the first official survey of a 5000 acre tract of land around Fort Pitt. This included the Golden Triangle, the North Side, Mount Washington and a portion of the South Hills along Saw Mill Run Creek.

The map itself lists the boundaries of the territory as “beginning at a marked Spanish Oak standing on the South side of the Monongahela River Thence South 800 perches to a marked Hickory thence West 150 perches to a marked White Oak, thence N 35 W144 perches to a marked White Oak”…and on and on.  So cool.

The page where this map comes from features the original survey maps of the South Hills.

Despite looking like it’s from the days of internet past, complete with waving American flag gifs, it’s a really cool, informative site featuring everything you never thought you needed to know about Brookline.

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