Public Stairs

16 Dec

An inventory of major public outdoor stairways (having 100 or more steps)
Click on the image or here to go to the actual interactive map

Found this on a site dedicated to cataloging public staircases around the world.

Weird, but thanks!!

Check them out at  The site is a one stop shop for all things public stairs, like stair poetry, extreme stairs, action shots of people on stairs, videos of people using stairs, and stair merch.  You can even find them on Facebook.

“Outdoor public stairways are a window into the soul of a community.” — Doug Beyerlein, 2011
This is Doug of in Seattle. He really likes public stairs.
Here’s some great stair records:
Go Pittsburgh!!

Top 10 U.S. stairways (updated 9/20/2011):

1. Murphy Ranch East Stairway, Los Angeles, CA, 512 stairs
2. Gil’s Stairs, Hood River, OR, 413 stairs
3. 56th Street Steps, Pittsburgh, PA, 394 stairs
4. Howe Stairway, Seattle, WA, 388 stairs
5. Filbert East Stairway, San Francisco, CA 383 stairs
6. Ray Avenue Steps, Pittsburgh, PA, 378 stairs
7. Baldwin Hills Stairway, Culver City, CA, 375 stairs
8. Baker East Sidewalk Stairway, San Francisco, CA, 372 stairs
9. Jones East Sidewalk Stairway, San Francisco, CA, 368 stairs
10. Thistle Stairway, Seattle, WA, 367 stairs

U.S. cities with the largest number of documented major stairways:

1. Pittsburgh, PA (117)
2. Los Angeles, CA (89)
3. Seattle, WA (83)
4. San Francisco, CA (79)


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