The first map of Pittsburgh: FORT DU QUESNE, now PITTSBURGH, and its Environs

9 Nov

1759, Click to make big.

From the site: From the January, 1759, issue of The Scots Magazine. This woodcut map has sometimes been called the “first map of Pittsburgh,” since General Forbes’ army seized control of the Forks of the Ohio and renamed it “Pittsburgh” in November, 1758. Apparently, within three months, a horseman got to Philadelphia and a ship from there reached London. The map identifies several sites as given by the number key at the bottom, and is accompanied by a short article with extracts from the letters of General Forbes. An untitled version appeared in the London Magazine of January 1759. It also appeared in Poor Roger, 1760, and in Father Abraham’s Almanac, 1761. The small fort 3) on the map probably refers to Fort Prince George, constructed by a small force of Virginians under command of Captain William Trent in 1754, while 2) refers to the French Fort Duquesne. Another possibility is that the small fort is Mercer’s Fort, constructed to house troops between the destruction of Fort Duquesne and the building of Fort Pitt. There were apparently no Indian villages right at the Forks, but several up and down the three rivers are named. The most substantial was Logstown, 10) on the map. Scale: 1 inch = 20 miles. Size: 4 x 4 inches.

Lots more maps here


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    […] The only info I have on this map of Fort Pitt is that it’s awesome, and made after the French map of the fort formerly known as Fort Duquesne. […]

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