Bridges of Pittsburgh – never the same bridge twice

9 Nov

This is a fun CMU affiliated project that attempts to “discover how many of Pittsburgh’s 446 bridges can be traversed without crossing the same bridge twice.”

From the organizers:

In 1736, mathematician Leonard Euler proved it was impossible to walk through the German city of Königsberg crossing each of the city’s seven bridges exactly once. His work, famously dubbed the “Bridges of Königsberg” problem, laid the foundation for graph theory and network analysis, and foreshadowed the invention of topology. We intend to create an expanded, more complex version of this famous study using Pittsburgh’s 446 bridges (Regan 2006).

Check it out here.


Storytelling by map: 2018 Mid-term elections in Allegheny County

9 Nov

This is an amazing and fun way to use maps to tell the story of the 2018 mid-term elections and the voting profile in Allegheny County. It also more effectively demonstrated the case for the rejected Children’s Fund than the ballot initiative organizers were able to make.

Check it out here.

By Ann Wright.

Pittsburgh Strong, Heartbroken

28 Oct

I wish i didn’t have to post this map. I don’t know who made it, but it really captures how we all feel right now.

I’ve spent two days crying. For my city, for my Jewish family and friends, for the victims. And for the state of our country.

Fuck Nazis. Fuck Nazi Sympathy.

Pittsburghers have been shouting this for a long time.

In 1935, we fought against Nazi hate after an attack on the same Tree of Life Synagogue, when it was in Oakland (thanks to a friend for digging this up).

In the ’90s, a Pittsburgh punk band popularized the phrase: “Fuck Nazi Sympathy.”

Lyrics by Aus Rotten:

Don’t respect something that has no respect
Don’t sympathize with something that has no sympathy
Don’t understand something that has no understanding
Don’t give them their freedom, because they’re not going to give you yours
Fuck nazi sympathy
Don’t give them their freedom, because they’re not going to give you yours

Sadly, these words are more relevant now, with a president who claims that those fighting fascism are the same as those fighting for fascism, with “very fine people” on both sides.

Remember their names.

And fuck Donald Trump.

Median Home Prices by Ward for the year ending July 30, 2018

18 Oct

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a great interactive article going over some stats related to the rising cost buying a home in Pittsburgh.

Related: An article in Public Source explaining how Exclusionary Zoning could be a tool to help keep Pittsburgh affordable.

The Major Street System, 1941 Master Plan

11 Oct

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From Pittsburgh City Archives, a good twitter follow.

Interactive Craft Breweries and Wineries Map

10 Oct

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Published a map of Western Pennsylvania craft breweries and wineries.

You can see the original here and click around:

Western PA

Allegheny County

City of Pittsburgh

Relative probability that someone in any U.S. county has a Facebook friendship link to Allegheny County, Pa.

20 Sep

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Pretty fascinating article in the New York Times about how our facebook social networks are distributed. Turns out state lines do seem to matter, unless you live in say Manhattan or DC.

You can go to the map and click on any county in the US and see the relative likelihood that your county is connected to any other county. The darker the color, the greater the likelihood.

Below are Allegheny County’s stats. Not at all shocking, but I was hoping to see a bit more on the Steeler Nation diaspora. Although we are pretty heavy in Florida.

Share of friends who live within …

50 miles: 62%, 100 miles: 65%, 500 miles: 88%

1. Washington County, Pa.
2. Westmoreland County, Pa.
3. Beaver County, Pa.
4. Butler County, Pa.
5. Lawrence County, Pa.
6. Indiana County, Pa.
7. Fayette County, Pa.
8. Clarion County, Pa.
9. Hancock County, W.Va.
10. Armstrong County, Pa.
11. Greene County, Pa.
12. Centre County, Pa.

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